This deity is known from inscriptions found in France and Italy and represents a father/protector deity of the Albici tribe.

Inscriptions to this deity have been found at Vaison, in the Vaucluse region and Montsalier in the Alpes de Haute-Provence in France. In both places he is equated with Roman Mars. However, an inscription at Oulx, Italy equates Albiorix with the Roman Apollo.

Albiorix’s name has been interpreted as meaning ‘King of the World’ (derived from albio world and rix king). Because of his title and his association with Mars many have attempted to link Albiorix and Teutates going as far as to suggest that they are one and the same deity; though there is little or no evidence for such a conclusion.

What is probable is that Albiorix was the father/protector deity of the Albici tribe of southern Gaul whose name is derived from that of their main god. Albiorix’s rĂ´le as a ‘father of the tribe’ type of deity is entirely compatible with the protective and martial aspects of Mars, as it is with the healing aspects of Apollo which explains why he was syncretized with both these Roman deities. It also seems that Albiorix was considered a mountain deity, as attested by the centres of his cult in Gaul.