Roman Gods


Jupiter King of the Gods, and god of thunder and lightning
Juno Wife of Jupiter; goddess of women and fertility
Mars Son of Jupiter and Juno; god of war
Mercury God of travelers and tradesmen
Neptune Brother of Jupiter; god of the sea
Venus Goddess of love and beauty
Apollo God of music, archery, healing, poetry and truth
Diana Goddess of hunting, archery, and animals
Minerva Goddess of wisdom, learning, arts, and industry
Ceres Goddess of agriculture, harvest, and the seasons
Vulcan God of blacksmiths and volcanoes
Vesta Sister of Jupiter; goddess of hearth and home
Pluto Brother of Jupiter and God of the Underworld
Faunus grandson of Saturn; typically represented as half man, half goat
Bacchus God of Wine and parties
Saturn Father of Jupiter
Ops Mother of Jupiter