Mythology is everywhere and influences our contemporary culture from popular media, the names of our planets, days of the week and to modern world views.

Our goal is to elevate our understanding of these stories which are foundational to civilizations past, present and future.

Many ancient religions were polytheistic which means that they believed in multiple deities and not one supreme being. Many of the Gods in ancient civilizations had dominion over different elements and locations.

Water Gods

Poseidon (Greek)

Neptune (Roman)

Njord (Norse)

Wisdom Gods

Odin (Norse)

Thoth (Egyptian)

Athena (Greek)

Death Gods

Hades (Norse)

Osiris (Greek)

Fire Gods

Vulcan (Roman)

Hephaestus (Greek)

Brigid (Celtic)

Solar Gods

Apollo (Roman)

Ra (Egyptian)


War Gods

Mars (Roman)

Ares (Greek)

Storm Gods

Thor (Norse)

Zeus (Greek)

Taranis (Celtic)

Lunar Gods

Selene (Greek)

Diana (Roman)

Artemis (Greek)

Love Gods

Venus (Roman)

Freya (Norse)