Name Description / Dominion ACHELOIS A minor moon goddess whose name means “she who washes away pain”. ALCYONE One of the seven, Pleiades and daughter of Atlas and Pleione. She bore several children with the god Poseidon. ALECTRONA An early Greek goddess of the sun, daughter of Helios and Rhode, and possibly goddess of the … Read more


Prometheus was a Titan who rebelled against Zeus, and tried to deceive him. For this crime Zeus inflicted a terrible fearful punishment, but it was not for Prometheus alone, he punished the entire world. At the beginning, Prometheus, whose name means forethought, had a brother Epimetheus (or afterthought) who was ordered to create all the … Read more


Persephone is the goddess of the underworld in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Persephone was a beautiful girl and everyone loved her. Even Hades , brother of Zeus and king of the Underworld, wanted her for himself. When she was a young maiden, she and the … Read more


Atlas is a fascinating figure in Greek mythology. Though he was not one of the main gods, he was still an essential part of the natural order. Many important features in the modern world, including the Atlantic Ocean, Atlas mountains, and atlas maps, are named after Atlas. Who Is Atlas? Atlas is a Titan, so … Read more


Among the Pantheon of the twelve Greek gods known as the Olympians, one of the most interesting is Hermes, who was the god of trade, animal husbandry, sleep, thieves, and travel, among other things. He is also known as the messenger of the gods. Hermes has winged feet and a winged helmet, that is indicative … Read more


The Greek goddess Hestia is one of the original Twelve Olympians, known as the goddess of the hearth. She is the daughter of the Greek Titans Kronos and Rhea. She had five siblings. Her brothers were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, and her sisters were Demeter and Hera. In Roman Mythology she is known as Vesta. … Read more


Hyperion plays a vital role in the Greek Creation Myth, which was based on the idea that the Gods resembled mortals. However, these supernatural beings were much larger than mortal men and women, and they controlled great mystic and magical powers. As one of these supernatural beings, Hyperion played an important role in Greek mythology, … Read more


Uranus is a sky deity in Ancient Greek Mythology. He is one of the Primordial Gods, which means he was one of the first Gods born in the universe. He is often referred to as the Father Sky because he is a personification of the sky. He was even known as ruler of the universe … Read more


Eos was a Goddess of Dawn in Greek mythology. She was one of the second generation of Titans. These Titans were associated with natural phenomena. In Greek, the word eos refers to Eos when it begins with a capital letter, but to the sunrise when it begins with a lowercase letter. Eos brought light to … Read more


Helios is the Greek sun god. He was the only son of Titans Hyperion and Thelia. This couple also had two daughters, named Selene and Eos. Selene is the moon goddess, while Eos remains the goddess of the Dawn. Helios is usually pictured as wearing a golden helmet, and being a driver of a four-horse … Read more