The Greek God Selene is best known as the Titan Goddess of the moon. The ancient Greeks saw her as the actual representation of the moon. Selene is a Goddess in herself, but she is often associated with Artemis, the archer Goddess. Artemis is also a Goddess of the moon. Both of these Goddesses are also associated with Hecate. Selene is one of the Titan Goddesses. Titan Goddesses and Gods were the original divine beings prior to the Olympian Goddesses and Gods. The very first divine beings were said to have emerged from the primordial. They were called Uranus father and Gaea mother.

The origins of the Titan Goddesses and Gods are cross cultural. The very first generation of the Titans are Croeus, Phoebe, and Themis. Many of the stories of these Goddesses and Gods are believed to have been borrowed from the cultures of Persia, Egypt and Mesopotamia. This region of the world was referred to as the ancient near east. Selene had no direct relation to either Gaia or Uranus. Her parents were the Titan God and Goddess Hyperion and Theia. Her siblings were the God of the sun, Helios and the Goddess of the dawn, Eos. Selene was distinct among the moon Goddesses.

Despite the fact Artemis and Hecate were considered to be lunar Goddesses by the ancients, Selene was believed to be the actual moon. According to the stories, Selene drove the moon chariot. The power for this heavenly vehicle came from a team of white horses. The chariot drove Selene across the skies and brought light to the darkness of the night. The most common story told regarding Selene is about a mortal man called Endymion. There was also a great affair between Zeus and Selena. According to the legend, this couple had many children. Other stories state Endymion was given immortality by Zeus himself.

Most of the stories agree that Endymion was a shepherd prince. Selene fell in love with the beautiful mortal and Zeus gave him both immortality and eternal youth. This divine magical trick played by Zeus had a cost. He put him into eternal slumber and laid him in a cave close to the peak of the Lydian Mount Latmos. According to the stories, Zeus gave Endymion a choice as to when he would die. Endymion chose eternal sleep. Although he would forever retain his youth, he would never be able to enjoy it. Selene went to visit with him during the darkness of the night at his resting place by Mount Latmos.

There are many different stories about this couple. Some say Selene watched over Endymion as he was sleeping beside his cattle. Other legends state Selene and Endymion had fifty pairs of daughters. There is even an accounting in which Selene and Endymion are the parents of Narcissus. Narcissus is know for becoming infatuated with his beauty and as the hunter for the ancient world. There is no definitive answer as to which of the stories hold the most truth. The only commonality among the stories and legends is that Selene did fall in love with Endymion.

The scholars who have studied the Titans, mysterious religions and shamans believe many of the stories, legends and rituals associated with Goddesses and Gods such as Selene were created to support the ancient practices of the shamans. The Greek identity of Selena eventually morphed into a Roman persona. This was when Selene became known as Luna. Despite the legends proclaiming Selene, Proserpina and Hecate were triune Goddesses, this was not necessarily true. The identities of all of these Goddesses merged as time passed. They ended up becoming the same Goddess.

The moon Goddess was referred to as both Selene and Luna. This led to her becoming revered by the majority of the important agricultural deities. Selene was granted a beautiful temple located on Palatine Hill. This led to the rise of a mysterious cult who worshiped and revered Selene. Numerous researchers believe this proves the legends about Goddesses like Selene can be linked to the daily shamanistic rituals. According to the MET, this type of ritual first originated with the clans and families. They were later adapted by society and celebrated throughout the nations, states and cities comprising the ancient world.

The actual purpose of the ancient world’s mysterious cults is still being debated by scholars due to the air of mystery they entailed. Some of these scholars believe the purpose of the religious cults was the performance of death and birth rituals by the people. It is important to note Selene merges with Artemis or Diana in some accounting’s as the same Goddess. When Selena is portrayed in this form, she is also the Goddess of the hunt. Despite this, she has always been portrayed as a moon Goddess.

Selene and all of her counterparts are shown in ancient art wearing a crescent shaped moon symbol. She is usually depicted as riding a horse, but she has also been shown driving a team of oxen. In these depictions, the crescent moon shape shown is formed from the horns of a bull.